I am going to court. How do I get ready?

Going to court by yourself can be stressful and confusing. Here’s how to take care of your case:

  1. Read the court papers that you get or have to fill out. Get help to understand your case and important deadlines.
  2. Use this website to learn more about the law and what helps your case. Sometimes the story you want to tell is not the same as what the judge needs to know about your case. 
  3. Find information about what to expect in court. Look at the court procedures and the rules for your case.
  4. Get to your court appointments on time. Being late can hurt your case.
  5. Check if you need forms or filing fees. Ask the clerk at the court for help, if you don’t understand.
  6. Bring all your important papers with you.
  7. Be calm and polite in the courtroom. Dress neatly and don’t wear offensive language or symbols. If you are rude in court, may get in trouble. 
  8. Follow the court rules or orders during your case. If you don’t, you could get into legal trouble.
  9. Be honest to the judge and the other people involved in your case.
  10. If your address or phone number changes, tell the court so they can reach you when needed.


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